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I’ve found you!

PreviouslyPreviouslySileya escaped from her home and joined Wisiarr, telling him her father Meggalar wants her to leave the island in two days.

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The crystal and the feather

PreviouslyPreviouslySileya’s father, Meggalar, ordered her to leave the island in two days for her Emancep, which SIleya is afraid of.

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Flying around

PreviouslyPreviouslyKarlexia is flying all around the town, trying to find Sileya.

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Do we have a deal?

PreviouslyPreviouslyMagma tricked Domiarr and used his gems to buy her necklace. She flied away, and Domiarr went after her, leaving Flafia alone in the boutique, with the seller.

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Finding a gift, at your expense

PreviouslyPreviouslyFlafia suggested to buy a gift from a new boutique in town, to cheer up Sileya. Domiarr is going with her in the shop.

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Breaking in, or hanging out?

PreviouslyPreviouslyDomiarr joined the two dragonesses at Sileya’s home entrance. The Feathered is not responding to their calls.

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I saw him leaving

PreviouslyPreviouslySileya’s Emancep will be in two days, her father Meggalar decided. After that traditional ceremony, she will have to leave the island.

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Sileya, it’s time

PreviouslyPreviouslyThis is the first scene of Dracca’s story. Note that you can click a character image to get more information.

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