PreviouslyPreviouslyFlafia suggested to buy a gift from a new boutique in town, to cheer up Sileya. Domiarr is going with her in the shop.

NarratorNarratorInside the boutique, a dragoness called Magma is already doing some shopping.

MagmaMagmaOh, this necklace is very pretty! What is that crystal?

ColmarrColmarrThis one is very special: it brings light in your life by chasing the dark spirits and the black thoughts you may have. It’s called a “Solar Crystal”. As you can see, its color changes when you spin it between your fingers.

MagmaMagmaMy…! I would love buying that precious pretty pendant! How much is it?

ColmarrColmarrThis is a very rare and powerful special stone. It’s worth the 400 Topazes it costs.

MagmaMagma… Let me think about that for a while then.

ColmarrColmarrSure, but don’t miss this occasion: first come, first served. I may not have another one like this until years or so.

NarratorNarratorWhile the dragoness is thinking, the two Dracquints enters.

FlafiaFlafia(entering) I’m sure we’ll find a lot of things that Sileya will love!

DomiarrDomiarr(following her inside) If you say so…

ColmarrColmarr(to Magma) I will be right there if you need me, lady. (to the two Dracquints) Hello, sir and miss, welcome to my boutique! I’m Colmarr. How may I help you?

FlafiaFlafiaHello! Sure! We’re looking for a little gift for our friend, Sileya. She’s an Air dragoness, and she loves drawing and sculpting. We would like to cheer her up a bit. Do you have something that would fit?

ColmarrColmarrOh, yes, for sure, I have some Mageoise plates and rocks that your friend could sculpt, and a new canvas that acts like a projector: you can see your drawing spotlighted on any wall.

FlafiaFlafiaOh, that’s a neat idea!

ColmarrColmarrPlease follow me: it’s in the back left part of the shop, with all other drawing crystals and stones.

DomiarrDomiarr(glancing at Magma’s thinking face) Go ahead, I’ll wait for you two here.

FlafiaFlafiaYou don’t want to help me choosing?

DomiarrDomiarrYou’ll do well, you know what Sileya loves. I’ll stay here.

FlafiaFlafiaOkay then, see you in eight!

NarratorNarratorFlafia follows the seller deeper in the boutique, getting out of Domiarr’s sight. Staring at the dragon’s neckpouch, Magma suddenly has an idea. She sneaks behind Domiarr.

MagmaMagmaOh, my! (she stares at another crystal up a shelf) This one seems really pretty! (she tries to reach it) Gnnn…

DomiarrDomiarr(turning back to her, hearing she has troubles) May I help you, lady?

MagmaMagma(faking she cannot reach the shelf top) Oh, no, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

DomiarrDomiarrPlease, let me insist.

MagmaMagmaNo worry I… wooooaa! (she slips and starts falling back)

DomiarrDomiarr(jumping across the shop, knocking over a table and a flask that was on it) I got you!

MagmaMagmaOuch! Thank you, sir!

DomiarrDomiarrYou’re welcome.

MagmaMagmaOh no! The flask! It’s now crashed on the floor!


MagmaMagmaI left that flask on this table for a second, to grab that crystal, but you thrown it away when you jumped across the shop…

DomiarrDomiarrOh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it. (putting the table upright again) What was in there?

MagmaMagmaA precious medication that I had to give back to my mother. She’s sick and she needs it right away.

DomiarrDomiarr(understanding he was the one who broke it)

MagmaMagmaI wanted to stop here before getting back home. I was expecting to get her a little gift, but… without her medication…

DomiarrDomiarrI’m sorry, it’s my fault.

MagmaMagmaDon’t be, you didn’t want this to happen.

DomiarrDomiarrNo, but I’m the one who broke it, so, if I can do anything, please tell me. Maybe there’s somewhere we could find another flask?

MagmaMagmaOh, yes, probably, but it costed me almost all my gems. I won’t have enough to get another one.

DomiarrDomiarrI will pay for it. How much was it?

MagmaMagma400 Topazes.


MagmaMagmaDon’t worry, I’ll find another way.

DomiarrDomiarrI have my pouch with me, I can repay you. (taking the gems out of his pouch)

MagmaMagmaOh thank you! Thank you very much! You’re very caring.

ColmarrColmarr(coming back with Flafia) What’s going on here? I heard a heavy noise. Is everything ok?


MagmaMagma(cutting him off) I’m sorry, but I need to hurry. I’ll take the Solar Crystal.

ColmarrColmarrOh, perfect then, do you want a bag with it?

MagmaMagmaNo, I’ll take it right away. 400 Topazes you said?

ColmarrColmarrThat’s right.

MagmaMagma(grabbing the crystal and leaving the gems) There it is.

ColmarrColmarrThanks a lot, and have a nice day.

MagmaMagmaThanks, you too! (she leaves the shop and flies away with her new pendant)

DomiarrDomiarr… Wait… What did you sell her?

ColmarrColmarrA Solar Crystal, sir. A very rare and precious stone.

DomiarrDomiarrAnd it was precisely 400 Topazes?

ColmarrColmarrThat’s right.

DomiarrDomiarr(pointing to the broken flask) But what was in there then?

ColmarrColmarrOh, that’s the noise I heard. Don’t worry if you broke it, it’s nothing. Just a bit of pure water, worth about one Topaze only. It should have been on the potions shelf actually. I guess someone took it off for a reason.

DomiarrDomiarrSo… This flask is from your shop? And it contains nothing but water?

ColmarrColmarrYes, why?

DomiarrDomiarr(leaving) I have someone to catch back and kill, see you later Flafia.

FlafiaFlafiaHey, wait! You’re the one having the pouch remember?!

DomiarrDomiarr(throwing it on the floor) Take it, it’s empty now anyway! (he flies after Magma) Come back here, you little…