PreviouslyPreviouslyKarlexia is flying all around the town, trying to find Sileya.

KarlexiaKarlexiaAnd once again… “Sorry sir, I’m looking for my friend Sileya. It’s an Air dragoness covered of silver-light feathers, with four wings. Did you see her?” “No sorry”… This is tiring me a bit.

KarlexiaKarlexia(After asking another dragon) Thanks… Damn, still nothing. Maybe I will have more chances on ground.

KarlexiaKarlexia(After having landed and asked several creatures all around) Thunder and bolts, this is a complete waste of time! Arg! It’s driving me crazy. Let’s ask Wisiarr: he may have an idea that would work out.

NarratorNarratorShe flies off to the crystal dragon’s lair.

KarlexiaKarlexia(seeing a red dragoness flying a bit further) Let’s give one last try… Excuse-me, miss.

MagmaMagma(flying faster) I’m sorry, I don’t have time.

KarlexiaKarlexia(accelerating too, happy to make it a race challenge) Just for a second: I’m looking for a four-winged silver-light feathered dragoness called “Sileya”. She’s my friend, and we don’t know where she is. Did you see her?

MagmaMagmaNo, sorry! I have to go!

KarlexiaKarlexiaOkay, thanks. That’s a nice necklace you have by the way.

MagmaMagma(getting away) Thanks!

KarlexiaKarlexiaWhat a surprise, she didn’t either know where Sileya is! I really hope Wisiarr will have a better suggestion than asking everyone…