PreviouslyPreviouslySileya’s Emancep will be in two days, her father Meggalar decided. After that traditional ceremony, she will have to leave the island.

NarratorNarratorFlafia and Karlexia are taking a drink on the rooftop of their favorite restaurant, nearby Sileya’s house. This place is dedicated to flying creatures. The waiter arrives with the order.

FlafiaFlafiaHere comes my drink! (to the waiter, before he leaves) Thanks!

KarlexiaKarlexiaYou’re really gonna drink that?

FlafiaFlafiaFor sure!

KarlexiaKarlexiaBut it’s mixed bugs!

FlafiaFlafiaThen what? It’s the first time they serve this here, so I don’t want to miss that!

KarlexiaKarlexiaLet’s hope you won’t turn green…

FlafiaFlafiaOh, that would be funny! I love to change my fur’s color!

KarlexiaKarlexiaYou know I’m not talking about your Light element.

FlafiaFlafiaYear, you’re just trying to distaste me so you can take our two drinks!

KarlexiaKarlexiaYou got me there!

NarratorNarratorFlafia sees Meggalar leaving his house while they’re drinking.

FlafiaFlafiaOh! Lexi! Look who’s heading up!

KarlexiaKarlexia(she turns round while Meggalar flies off from his house’s balcony)That’s just the rude one leaving his house.

FlafiaFlafiaYes, but he seems more scowled than usual.

KarlexiaKarlexiaThat’s not my business.

FlafiaFlafiaBut maybe he argued against Sileya… once again.

KarlexiaKarlexiaOh! We should take a look then. Let’s see her.

NarratorNarratorThey fly off the roof, after having finished their drink all in one gulp, leaving only few gems for payment.

KarlexiaKarlexiaSo how was it?

FlafiaFlafiaMeh… Interesting to try, but that “Cock Roachtail” sounded better than it tasted.

NarratorNarratorThey both land on the balcony Meggalar left seconds ago. But the door is locked from the inside.

FlafiaFlafiaSileya! Are you in there?

KarlexiaKarlexiaThat’s strange: Meggalar usually locks the door, but not the shutters.

FlafiaFlafiaYou’re right. (knocking at the shutter) Sileya? It’s us, Lexi and Flafia!

KarlexiaKarlexia(trying to force the lock) I think I can open this with a little electrical shock.

FlafiaFlafiaNo, Meggalar would see it, and he will certainly make Sileya pay…



KarlexiaKarlexiaMaybe she’s just not there.

FlafiaFlafiaBut she would never leave her home by herself, and she wasn’t with her father. Where would she be?

KarlexiaKarlexia(knocking too) Sileya! It’s your friends! Open us!

DomiarrDomiarrYou’re too noisy, Lexi, as usual.