PreviouslyPreviouslySileya escaped from her home and joined Wisiarr, telling him her father Meggalar wants her to leave the island in two days.

KarlexiaKarlexia(landing in front of Wisiarr’s cave) Wisiarr? Are you in there?

WisiarrWisiarrYes, Lexi, come in!

KarlexiaKarlexia(entering) I was at Sileya’s home with Flafia and Domiarr, and… (seeing Sileya) Oh my! Sileya! There you are! I’ve found you!


WisiarrWisiarrWhy were you looking for her, Lexi?

KarlexiaKarlexiaBecause we knocked at your home, Sil’, and you weren’t responding. Flafia was very worried about you.

SileyaSileyaI’m sorry, I’ve escaped from there…

KarlexiaKarlexiaHow did you do so? The place was all locked down!

SileyaSileyaWisiarr helped me…

KarlexiaKarlexia?! How?!

WisiarrWisiarrHuh, Sileya, you begged me not to say a word about this…

SileyaSileyaAbout what?

WisiarrWisiarrYou know… About… the tunnel…

SileyaSileyaYes, but how is it related?

KarlexiaKarlexiaYou’ve lost me there, guys.

WisiarrWisiarrI didn’t tell a word to anyone.



WisiarrWisiarrIncluding the others… Including Lexi…

SileyaSileyaOh? You didn’t tell them?

WisiarrWisiarrNo, you asked me not to.

SileyaSileyaWell, I thought about other dragons, not about us five.


KarlexiaKarlexiaHello there! Can’t you bring the light before the thunder?

WisiarrWisiarrSorry Lexi, I haven’t told you. Few weeks ago, Sileya and her father had another argument. And so, she asked me for some help and a way out.

KarlexiaKarlexiaSo what?

WisiarrWisiarrI’ve made her a way out. Literally. I’ve digged a secret tunnel from her home to this cave, using the ancient underground town’s tunnels.


WisiarrWisiarrYes. So she could get in and out of her home without his father noticing.

KarlexiaKarlexiaDamn, that’s smart!

WisiarrWisiarrThanks. The hardest was actually to find the best tunnel branch to reach from her home, because there’s…

KarlexiaKarlexiaOh, come on, quit the heavy explanations…


KarlexiaKarlexiaAlright, so now, I get how you ended here. But why did you left your home? And why is it all locked down?

NarratorNarratorWisiarr explains the situation to Karlexia.

KarlexiaKarlexiaThunder and bolts! He has no rights to do that!

WisiarrWisiarrUnfortunately, he has. The laws are pretty clear: “Once their majority reached, dragons must leave their home island and head to another one, to spread their kind and discover new cultures”.

KarlexiaKarlexiaCan’t we find a way to have her stay?

WisiarrWisiarrWe can, but we should discuss about that with the others.

KarlexiaKarlexiaThey’re in town, they were heading to a boutique to get Sileya a…


KarlexiaKarlexiaNevermind. They’re in town, I know where. Come!

NarratorNarratorThey leave the cave. As usual, Sileya carries Wisiarr in her claws during the flight, since the Crystal dragon has no wing to fly.