PreviouslyPreviouslyThis is the first scene of Dracca’s story. Note that you can click a character image to get more information.

NarratorNarratorSileya is in her room, in her family’s house. Her father enters.

MeggalarMeggalarSileya, it’s time. Did you choose when and where your Emancep will take place?

SileyaSileya… No…

MeggalarMeggalarI told you to pick a date and a location!

SileyaSileyaBut I don’t want to…

MeggalarMeggalarYou have no choice. You must leave our home and you must leave our island, like every dragon does when it’s time.

SileyaSileyaMaybe it’s not the time for me…

MeggalarMeggalarThis is not something to argue about. Time has come on your 80th season. I have been kind enough to delay this for years, but now, you must leave. I will not let you lounge any longer.

SileyaSileyaBut I have friends here…

MeggalarMeggalarI do too. And they start to murmur and gossip. A rumor even says that I have no authority on my own family! So you’ll get out of here, out of this island, and land anywhere far from my home.

SileyaSileyaThis is my home too!

MeggalarMeggalarEnough! Since you cannot even pick a date for your Emancep, I’ve picked one for you. You’ll get out of here in two days. Pack your stuff and get ready. I will take you myself to the ceremony, and you’ll get on a boat right away. Afterward, I hope I’ll never heard again about you.

SileyaSileyaWhat?! But…

MeggalarMeggalarNo complaining. You’re doing so for way too long and it starts scratching my scales. Spent your last hours here in a smarter way.

SileyaSileyaOkay… I will tell my friends about that and

MeggalarMeggalarNo. I know them, and I know they will try to hide you from me so you could stay on the island. You will remain alone in your room until we leave.


MeggalarMeggalarDon’t do that fake disappointed face. You spend almost all your time alone in there doing your worthless little drawings. Don’t try to fake that you now want to spend time outside with your friends, while you were always finding excuses to never hang out with them. Stay. And in two days, leave.

NarratorNarratorHe gets out of the room.

SileyaSileya(alone)I will tell my friends anyway.