PreviouslyPreviouslySileya’s father, Meggalar, ordered her to leave the island in two days for her Emancep, which SIleya is afraid of.

NarratorNarratorMeanwhile, at Wisiarr’s place, a cave outside the town. The dragon is reading a book, in front of a black crystal.

WisiarrWisiarrSo, if I get it right, this is a Black Skial? Hum… They say it highly reacts to the daylight… That explains why I found this deep in that dark gallery ! Hum…

WisiarrWisiarr(playing with the crystal with one hand, reading with another) “The hexagonal structure of the submolecular elements in that crystal makes it very resistant to pressure, but the extra atoms between the main crystallographic layers weaken its internal structure, so the crystal can easily be cut in thin slice. Thus, these same intermediate atoms gives this crystal a completely black color, absorbing not only the visible light, but also a large part of the infrared frequencies too. Exposed to the daylight, it can then accumulate a lot of energy, leading to violent implosion if that energy is not properly released. That charging time depends on the daylight intensity, but can be consider as around an hour per Ovail. It…”


WisiarrWisiarr(surprised, dropping his book and crystal) Whooah ! (catching them both with his two mid-paws, before they reach the floor) Sileya! You surprised me.

SileyaSileyaI’m sorry.

WisiarrWisiarrNo problem. But I should have put a ringing bell on that tunnel! That’s not the first time you surprise me by using it.

SileyaSileyaIt may be a good idea.

WisiarrWisiarrWell, at least, I haven’t digged it for nothing.


WisiarrWisiarr(after an awkward silence) Well… I’ll get back to my book then.


WisiarrWisiarr(reading in his head for few minutes) sme minerl group … Oggìen, bt whe broug to daylight…

WisiarrWisiarr(noticing Sileya is still standing in the cave) Well…


WisiarrWisiarr(closing his book, turning to her friend) Okay Sileya, what’s wrong?


WisiarrWisiarrIt’s obvious something is bothering you. What is it?

SileyaSileyaI had a … “talk” with my father.

WisiarrWisiarrAnd what was the outcome?

SileyaSileyaHe wants me to do my Emancep in two days.

WisiarrWisiarrWhat? Like… All of a sudden?


WisiarrWisiarrHum. And seeing your face and now-dark color, I conclude it’s not something you want to do?


WisiarrWisiarrYou would rather stay here?


WisiarrWisiarrSo… just tell your father?

SileyaSileyaYou know him. I’ve already tried.

WisiarrWisiarrAnd it was a success: he gave you some time.

SileyaSileyaYes, but that was the last delay. Now, it’s over.

WisiarrWisiarrAnd you cannot do anything else?

SileyaSileya… I’m afraid not.

WisiarrWisiarrHum… We should tell the others then.