XenosXenosThe following characters are appearing in Dracca’s story. You can learn more about them on their Wiki page, or on their creator’s page for the guest stars. As for me, Xenos, I’m not in the list because I’m not part of this universe. You can consider me as the narrator of the stories

The Dracquints

DomiarrDomiarrOldest and physically strongest of the five Dracquints, this Fire dragon is also the most rude one.
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FlafiaFlafiaYounger and friendliest of the fives, she’s a lovely fluffy ball, who masters the Light element.
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KarlexiaKarlexiaFast and athletic, “Lexi” is an Electric dragoness who always tickles Domiarr
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SileyaSileyaCalm and shy, this Air dragoness always stays quiet in the back
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WisiarrWisiarrSmart and sometimes apathetic, the Crystal dragon is also considered as the most reliable one
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Secondary characters

ColmarrColmarrSeller in a boutique on the Dracquints’ home island
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MeggalarMeggalarSileya’s father
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Guests stars

MagmaMagmaFire dragoness that often fools or tricks other dragons
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