XenosXenosI’m Xenos, the narrator of Dracca stories. Dracca is a fictional world full of dragons and fantasy creatures, including the five Dracquints who are the main characters of Dracca stories, books and games. You will follow the journey of these five young and almost-adult friends, about to start flying by themselves in their live. Dracca games, stories and such are sometimes available in English only, French only, or both.

The Story

XenosXenosThe stories on this website are made of several short chapters that look like theater sketches (almost like this page, with the speaking character in a bubble, showing their expression). You can browse each chapter using the menu at the top of the page. All these chapter makes a complete story about the five Dracquints.

XenosXenosBut take care: this story is still being written, so the last chapter you may read can actually not be the very last one. Follow me on Twitter to know whenever a new chapter is released.

The chapters

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The Wiki

XenosXenosEntering an unknown world can be scary…

XenosXenosThat’s why there is a complete encyclopedia about Dracca’s world, called the “Wiki” (even if it’s actually not a real wiki, so you can comment with improvement suggestions, but cannot directly contribute to the articles). In there, you will be able to get answers to all your questions about the characters, places, items, dragon elements and such of Dracca.

XenosXenosHere and there in the story chapters and also in the gamebooks (see below), some terms like place names and characters will have a link back to the Wiki, so you can discover more about them while meeting them along the scenario. Each page of the wiki is available in the two languages (French and English).

Wiki links

Wiki Wiki (EN)
Wiki Wiki (FR)

The Gamebooks

XenosXenosSadly for english speakings, the gamebooks are not yet available in French, so I will continue about that speaking like Moliere.

XenosXenosLes livres-jeux, ou “gamebooks”, sont des romans d’aventure dont vous incarnez le personnage principal. Pour aller même plus loin, vous créez véritablement le personnage principal de l’histoire (votre propre dragon), à l’image d’une partie de jeu de rôle. Il vous faudra donc établir votre feuille d’aventure, puis prendre connaissance des règles du jeu, avant d’entamer l’histoire.

XenosXenosL’histoire se découpe alors en chapitre, au terme duquel un choix ou plusieurs choix vous sont donnés. En fonction du chemin que vous aurez décidé de prendre, de l’objet que vous souhtaiez ou non ramasser, de l’ennemi que vous allez affronter ou fuir, etc, votre aventure prendra une tournure différente.

XenosXenosActuellement, un seul livre-jeu est disponible, et il sera probablement remanié à terme. Bonne lecture!

Le site des livres-jeux

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