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Other islands

There are a lot of islands on Dracca's world, from the smallest one where a dragon could not even land to continent-size ones.


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Crystal island

Island made from the collision between Dracca and Vherris , and where the first dragon was born thousands years ago. Crystals are covering its surface.

Home island

Island that the reader's dragon is born on. It is mentioned several times in the gamebooks, but is never explicitly named.


Map of the island
Our home island, in the gamebooks

The island is to be found between 42°B and 48°B, and between 55°P and 58°P. This is a giant island of almost six to seven times bigger than Insularyuu.

Noticeable places

Pyla hills

Green hills of this island, where a lot of cattle is bred in the wide pasture lands.

Windy plains

Wide plains between the Pyla hills and the Orior beach, that we fly over in the air ship during the prologue of the first gamebook.


Lumenia is an island used as the reference for the latitude and longitude on the planet. Therefore, its center is at 0°B/0°P.


This island is always full of light. The satellite Vherris can always be seen in the sky, meaning that this place is always a shining nightless day. So, during a 24-hour day, there can be two "midday", when the satellite is at its zenith. Thanks to all this shining bright light, the vegetation is growing up fast, making it a paradise for Light and Plant dragons.