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Bipedal reptile who can walk or run for hours. Their body is covered of strong scales, and their pointing muzzle and almost shining eyes make them look smart and sharp.


Akyens live at the Boreas of Insularyuu, mainly in the town of Akyon and all over the plain of the same name. Their society is highly structured, and they usually work together with the Corindos, since both species match well. Their short-range fighting skills are well known. Their agility and lightness allow them to sneak in and attack by surprise. They can dodge their opponent's attacks, even if their strong scales give them a good resistance against claws and swords hits. They usually carry a small sharpened dagger they handle cleverly. These fighting skills are matched with their patience, and they can stay ambushed for hours or days before striking on their victim.


Their name comes from the name of "Akyon", the town.