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Fishes and every swimming creature in Dracca's rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.


Big fish that lives near the seaside, that has a sweet and tender flesh once properly cooked. It's one of the main predators of the Trisopters.


Aggressive fish living alone right under the water surface of the seaside. This fish is easy to recognize thanks to its dark marks along its back. It is a very hard to catch fish, but its tasty flesh is worth the effort.


Seaside fish that form huge bench to balance the weakness of their very noticeable fire colors. The Mélan often chase these Trisopters benches, and so, it's one of the main predator of the fire-colored seaside fish.

Karlexia's first fishing

This is the first fish Karlexia caught on her home island with Flafia. Since then, the Electric dragoness pined her haul as a trophy on a wall of her room.