<< Breaking in, or hanging out? >>

Previously Previously: I saw him leaving Domiarr joined the two dragonesses at Sileya’s home entrance. The Feathered is not responding to their calls.

Flafia Flafia Flafia The smelly should quiet before the noisy kicks his burning ass.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr (ignoring Karlexia’s barbed comment) Is there a problem, Flafia?

Flafia Flafia Flafia Yes! Oh, I’m so happy to see you here! Meggalar locked the shutters and left his home.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Then what?

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia Our Fluffyball thinks he was looking more scary than usual.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Is that all?

Flafia Flafia Flafia Yes, but…

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr You’re wasting my time then.

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia You’re the one who stopped by, you know.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Your weakness made some turbulence while I was flying by, that’s why I stopped.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Could you please argue less and think about Sileya more? I’m sure she’s sobbing inside!

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr She’s always sobbing.

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia Please, be a bit more heartless.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Ok, ok, but what’s the problem actually? Just call her.

Flafia Flafia Flafia We did.

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia She didn’t answer.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr She’s probably not home.

Flafia Flafia Flafia I’m sure she is!

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr But what do you want me to do then? Break the shutter and smash the door?

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia I’ll check every other window first, otherwise, the guards will once again be after you.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr I was saving your tail that time, remember?

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia (leaving) And why was I in trouble at first, Fireball?!

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr (now alone with Flafia) So you’re making a big deal for just another of your intuitions about Meggalar’s bad looking face?

Flafia Flafia Flafia Don’t word it that way. I know something was bothering him.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Wisiarr would make so much fun of you.

Flafia Flafia Flafia But he’s not there.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Hopefully!

Flafia Flafia Flafia Maybe he would have an idea if he was…

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr I’m here. So I’m gonna help you.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr (he starts drumming very loudly on the shutter) Sileya! Are you there?

Flafia Flafia Flafia Other dragons around are watching us.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr As long as they’re not guards… Sileya, open up!

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia (returning back) I’ve checked every window, and they’re all locked and shuttered down, like Sileya’s room. This place looks like a fortress now.

Flafia Flafia Flafia This isn’t normal.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Did you knocked on other shutters too?

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia Not on every of them, but yes. No answer from the inside…

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Then she’s not here, end of the deal.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Huh…

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia I hope you’re right.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Then… Let’s find a little gift for her once she’ll be back.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Why?

Flafia Flafia Flafia Because if she’s in her now-dark-fortress home, then there has to be something bad going on. If she’s outside, then something must have scared her and pushed her out. So either way, we’ll have to cheer her up.

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia I’ll never follow your logic…

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr You never follow anyone’s.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Lexi, since you’re faster than us…

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Eh !

Flafia Flafia Flafia …than me at least, can you check around and see if Sileya is anywhere out?

Karlexia Karlexia Karlexia (flying off) No problem, I’ll be back in a eight.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Dom’, a new boutique opened up right below Lexi’s and I’s favorite restaurant. Let’s check if they have something that could cheer Sileya up a bit.

Domiarr Domiarr Domiarr Alright. You’re lucky I’ve taken my pouch with me today.

Narrator Narrator The two dragons fly down the street to the shop, while Karlexia starts crossing the town’s sky, looking for Sileya.