<< Do we have a deal? >>

Previously Previously: Finding a gift, at your expense Magma tricked Domiarr and used his gems to buy her necklace. She flied away, and Domiarr went after her, leaving Flafia alone in the boutique, with the seller.

Flafia Flafia Flafia (picking up Domiarr’s empty pouch) Well… so we have no more gems.

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr You could maybe wait for your friend to come back with other gems?

Flafia Flafia Flafia I don’t know when he will be back. I’m not even sure he will actually be.

Flafia Flafia Flafia And you don’t have any gem with you?

Flafia Flafia Flafia No, he was in charge of that, I’m a bit too ’light-headed’ he says to hold the pouch. Maybe Wisi’ has some, but he’s out of the town these days.

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr I’m sorry to hear that.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Maybe you could make a special discount for us? I really don’t want to leave without the Mageoise block you shown me.

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I cannot do that.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Even if you just sold a 400 Topazes crystal?

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr I really cannot.

Flafia Flafia Flafia A crystal that was bought with my friend’s gems?

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr (with a tiny smirking smile) Alright, maybe we can find some deal. I could let you take this crystal for free, and later someday, I will ask you for my payback.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Oh, that’s great! So I can give this Mageaoise block to Sileya right away?

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr Yes, for sure. You will just have to give me your words.

Flafia Flafia Flafia You have them then!

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr Great! In order to be sure you’ll do your part, I must ask you to wear this Semorpal bracelet.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Oh? What does this crystal do?

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr (putting the bracelet on Flafia’s wrist) It’s a special bracelet that you can only remove once you’ll have done your part of the deal.

Flafia Flafia Flafia So I will have to wear it until I pay you back?

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr That’s it!

Flafia Flafia Flafia And… what kind of payback will you ask?

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr Nothing important, really. I’ll just ask you for some crystal or item someday.

Flafia Flafia Flafia Alright! Deal!

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr (with a large smile) Perfect! That was a pleasure! Do you want me to gift-wrap it?

Flafia Flafia Flafia Oh, yes please!

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr (leaving in backstage with the Mageoise) Alright, I’ll be back in an eight then.

Flafia Flafia Flafia (thinking) I hope Sileya will love that gift!

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr (back a few minutes later, with a shining golden package) Here it is!

Flafia Flafia Flafia Oh, that’s perfect! Sileya loves shining things! I’m sure she will love the package as much as the Mageaoise inside!

Colmarr Colmarr Colmarr I hope so too! See you next time then.

Flafia Flafia Flafia (leaving with Siley’s gift) See you!