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The Dracquints

The Dracquints is a group of five childhood friends: Domiarr, Flafia, Karlexia, Sileya and Wisiarr. They are the main characters of the gamebooks.

The five dragons

Domiarr refsheet
Domiarr (Fire)
Flafia refsheet
Flafia (Light)
Karlexia refsheet
Karlexia (Electricity)
Sileya refsheet
Sileya (Air)
Wisiarr refsheet
Wisiarr (Crystal)

Each of the Dracquints has its own dedicated page.


Dracquints' personality

The five Dracquints have very different personnalities.

Domiarr is often considered as the strongest and most rude of them, but also as their big brother.

Karlexia is less assertive, but she always look for performance, beating her own records on a regular basis, and cannot stay idly for a second.

Wisiarr has the same kind of behavior, but on an intellectual field, not a physical or athletic one. He is also way more reserved and don't seek for other dragon's recognition.

Sileya is even more reserved and timid, and she is a self-made artist, freaked out by the crowd and the other dragons.

On the contrary, Flafia could not stay alone for more than a minute. She loves to be around the other Dracquints or living creatures, spending time with them and sharing their feelings. She has a lot of friends, and thanks to her, the five friends group fits well with other creatures on Dracca.

Detailed personalities