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Dragons often have only four fingers (thumbs is too small), so they use a base eight system for counting. The rest of the planet quickly adopted this octal system.


Counting units

When dragons on Dracca trade, they use a octal system.

Octal numbers
Figure Name Symbol
0 Oct
1 Un
2 Dek
3 Terr
4 Quat
5 Quint
6 Swek
7 Sept


To write octal numbers, group the figures by four, and put a space between each group. To read the number, simply read each figure of each group. Add a"o" to the end of the last figure of every group, except the last group. Put a "o" at the end of the last figure of the last group.

Writing octal with decimal figures

You can write octal numbers using decimal numbers (0, 1, 2… 7), but you should always keep the figures grouping. Group the decimal figures in sets of four, and prepend "0" to the first group. If the first group already has four decimal digits, then put a group of "0" before. For instance, don't write 17 for unsepti, and write 0017 instead. To write the decimal number 1000, that is 1750 in octal, prepend it with a group of zeros, so you write 0000 1750 for "one thousand".


Samples of numbers
Number (base 10) Octal Reading Writing
15 0017 unsepti
16 0020 dekocti
17 0021 dekuni
32 0040 quatocti
124 0174 unseptquati
200 0310 terrunocti
1000 0000 1750 unseptquintocti
258416 0007 7056 septo septoctquintsweki
2739128 1234 5670 undekterrquato quitswekseptocti