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During your adventure across the gamebooks, you will have to fight to death against your enemies. YOu will here learn how to do those fights. The rules may evolve between gamebooks, and a graphic interface will be added later (until then, it's role playing like fights).

Fighting rules

Fights are turn-based. Each turn is called an "Assault". For every fight, the gamebook text will tell you the element your opponent will use for the fight, and its characteristics (Skill, Health…). Your opponent will never have bonuses, while you can sometimes be granted a bonus or a malus. The text will always state it.

Start a fight

At the beginning of each fight, you know your opponent's statistics from the text. You then have to define your own. You must select your element for this fight (one you have control of!) and your own characteristics. Your basic stats are written on your action chart. Add to them the bonuses and maluses your items may give you, and the bonus from the Elements Table. During this evaluation, a characteristic may go below zero, but it must be cropped to 0 at the end (1 for the Health). For instance, if you have 3 Skill points and 4 Health points, and your items give you a malus of -5 Skill points and -5 Health points, then you actually have 0 Skill point and 1 Health point for this fight. Afterwards, you now know your own real stats and your opponent's ones. You are ready to start fighting.


An assault follows these steps:

  1. Know who's the attacker for this assault, and who's the defender (text states it for the first Assault)
  2. Using the difference between opponents Skill points (attacker - defender), the attacker's current Health points and the Fighting Table, evaluate the attacker's hit
  3. Subtract the previous value from the defender's Health points; if the hit is 0, it means the defender dodged the attack
  4. If the defender's Health reaches 0, then the defender died and the fight is over
  5. Else, switch the attacker and defender and start the next Assault.

End a fight

Mostly, fight is over when one of the opponent is dead. So if you kill your enemy, you win the fight, but if your character got killed, then your adventure is over. But sometimes, the text will put another condition to end a fight, like a maximum number of Assaults. In such case, the fight is over when either an opponent died, or the condition stated in the text is met. For instance, a fight can last up to 2 Assaults, meaning it will end once 2 Assaults had been done (=2 attacks, or 2 hits).

Once the fight is over, update your action chart by reporting the Health points you lost (if you got hurt) and/or removing the items that you used. Do not forget that bonuses and maluses last for the fight only: if you got some extra Skill points for the fight, then you loose it once it is over.

Running away

Sometimes, you can quit a fight by running or flying away. The gamebook text will state the condition to do so, like a minimum number of Assaults to perform. You cannot quit a fight during an Assault, you must instead decide whether to continue a fight right before starting the next Assault. Obviously, you can leave only if you are still alive!

Damages you took during a fight you leave remains: if you loose Health points during the Assaults before quitting, then you will not regain it. The gamebook text will even sometimes give you an extra damage for leaving, like when your enemy is striking you in the back while you run away.
So be careful when you quit a fight.

Elements table

See Elements Table in the gamebooks website.

Fighting Table

See Fighting Table in the gamebooks website.

Sample of a fight

Get prepared

Let's see an example of a fight like you could find in the gamebooks.

You are facing a Loupiard who's element is Ground. It has 5 Skill points, and 10 Health points. Since you got attacked by surprise, you will be the defender for the first Assault.

For you part, your character controls the Fire element, that you will use for this fight. Your stats are 10 Skill points and 20 Health points. You also carry some special items: a Crystal Belly Protection that gives you 2 extra Skill points and a Sharp Blade that gives you 3 more Health points de plus. last, the Elements Table states that Fire against Ground elements gives you an extra 1 Skill point.

To sum it up, you now have 13 Skill points and 23 Health points for this fight. If you manage to finish the fight without a scratch, then you will get back your 20 original Health points.

Assault n°1

The fight starts. The Loupiard attacks. The Skill points difference between you two is 5 - 13 = -8, and the attacker (the Loupiard) has 10 Health points. The Fighting Table then states that your opponent hits you and you loose 1 Health point. You now have 13 Skill points and 22 Health points.

Assault n°2

The attacker and defender are now switched, and it's your turn to hit the Loupiard. The Skill difference is still 13 - 5 = +8 (it may change sometimes, depending on the conditions of you items' bonuses). Since you have 22 Health points, the Fighting Table states that you hit the Loupiard for 7 Health points. Your opponent has now 3 remaining Health points.

Assault n°3

Roles are switched again. The Skill difference of -8 remains unchanged, but the Loupiard has now way less Health that in first Assault. According to the Fighting Table, the Loupiard and its 3 remaining Health points tries to hit you, and you dodge the attack, getting 0 damage for this Assault.

Assault n°4

Roles are switched again, and you attack the Loupiard. The Skill difference of +8 and your current Health of +22 reported in the Fighting Table shows that you hit the Loupiard for 7 Health points. The Loupiard has now 0 remaining Health point, so you killed your opponent during your attack. You won the fight! At its end, you have 22 Health points, while you had 20 Health points initially. Since the bonuses last only for the fight (which is now over), then you simply keep your 20 Health points.