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Insects, bugs

Insects, bugs and all such tiny creatures on Dracca.


Very small three legged insect with a very resistant black shell. It can resist to forces of about a dozen of dragails (few tons): dragons could not even crush them!


Big long shaped green insect of two of three claws. With its two strong back paws that look like a grasshopper's, a sautillante can make very impressive long jumps, up to few toises, while it cannot jump higher than a blade.

Dragons can eat without any trouble (when properly cooked!). They can be very energetic, sometimes giving back some few Health points to the eater.


The name comes from the French word "Saut", meaning jumps, outlining the impressive hops this insect can do.


Small toxic insect of about two or three claws long, that looks like a Sautillante, except their darker almost black color. Using its two strong back paws that reminds those of a grasshopper, a Tettimeloe can do very long jumps, but it unable to go higher than few blades, which is still higher than a Sautillante. This insect's "blood" is toxic for dragons, but some other animals like the Brignis can eat them without any problem.


From Tettigoniidae, latin name for grasshoppers, and from Meloe violaceus, a toxic insect.